FeaturesInstall on the cloud Install at home Install for large groups

Cloud installation (free and anonymous):

We use OpenShift, a cloud computing platform from Red Hat. It is really an easy job to use it.
These are the advantages of a cloud-installed NZBMegasearch:

Note: This kind of installation does not support heavy traffic/load. It is designed only for personal usage (or small groups).


STEP 0: Tools needed:


STEP 1: Register on Openshift:

A valid email is required:

STEP 2: Create your site on Openshift:

Go to console, make a folder, enter in it and type:

Continue on the console:

You can now check out that everything has been correctly installed by opening with your browser at http://flask-dog.rhcloud.com/

STEP 3: Install NZBMegasearch on the cloud:

Go to console:

Issue the command:

If everything went fine, you are now logged in the Openshift cloud and you should be presented this kind of prompt:

On the remote server prompt (shortened for visibility), type:

then select 1 (python-2.7) to start

You can now check out that everything has been correctly installed by visiting:

Note: the DEFAULT username and password are:
User: NZBMadmin Pwd: NZBMadmin ... that I strongly suggest to change ;)

Remember to:

THAT'S IT! You have successfully installed NZBMegasearch on the cloud!

STEP ??: Update NZBMegasearch:

In case updates are available (via notification in NZBMegasearch), you need to:

and on the remote prompt:

Disconnect from SSH.
THAT'S IT! You have successfully updated NZBMegasearch!